it seems like flying is no longer as glamorous as it used to be with seat space being reduced on a yearly basis passengers are becoming more cramped but the prices are still on the up with additional charges being incurred for everything more luggage to even the snacks on board the flight. However that doesn’t mean that every flight you get needs to be a bad one, even with flight delays becoming more of a problem we will be listing through our top 10 tips to ensure that you have a nice flight.

1. Pack less

Ideally you’d want to be able to fit everything you need into your hand luggage not only will this reduce the cost of your trip as you don’t have to book the luggage but it means you’ll be able to travel at a much faster speed due to you no longer having to wait for your luggage to appear on the carousel. You’ll also get the added benefit of being able to maneuver easier thanks to having less luggage to carry around with you.

2. No need to take a guide book with you

While its great to research where you’re traveling to before hand its best to make a copy of the pages that interest you rather than carry the oversized book with you, this will reduce the space that it takes up in your luggage and also make it weight considerably less.

3. Avoid the queue which has children in it

Singles and couples who don’t have children will always, and we mean always move faster so if there is a queue with no families or less families go for that one as they tend to move at a much faster rate.

4. Wear suitable footwear when flying

Going somewhere sunny? Don’t be one of them flyers who wears flipflops when flying there are a few reasons behind this with the number one reason being if there is an emergency they aren’t exactly the best kind of shoes to be wearing. Secondly air crafts aren’t known for being the warmest places, especially when they’re flying at 30,000 ft its going to get cold so its always best to wear a comfortable yet sturdy pair of shoes/trainers.

5. Turbulence? Move it about

Lets face it, no one enjoys turbulence and anyone who says they do must be a little bit mad. If you do hit a rough patch its always best to move your body around a bit (don’t worry other passengers wont notice this as the whole aircraft is moving also) it may sound like a slightly loopy thing to do but when you move you counteract the the turbulence which means you wont actually feel it as bad and will hopefully reduce stress levels.

6. Choose the best seat for you

Its rare nowadays but some flights do allow you to make a choice on where to sit, if this does happen its best to try and find a seat that is away from young kids or babies who will no doubt make a lot of noise throughout the flight, groups of friends especially rowdy lads. We’ve found its best to sit next to people who look as if they’re traveling alone.

7. Learn the language

Its typical as Brits to not bother with this, especially when globally most people speak English, however it does help if you know a little bit of the language as the locals will tend to be nicer to those who try communicating in their own language. Nowadays its easier than ever as there are apps for every language and their normally quite cheap.

8. Don’t drink the water if you’re not sure

Not all countries have the same water standards as us, in fact a lot of them are sub par in comparison so always buy bottled water from the shop and when you shower keep your mouth closed to prevent any going in your mouth. You can actually get ill from drinking the water in some countries.

9. Explore, don’t just stay in the hotel

Personally i find there is nothing worse than being cooped up in a hotel all holiday regardless of how nice it is, you go to visit a new country so get out there and explore whats around you as there’s plenty to see and do.

10. Try traveling alone

There is such a negative stigma when it comes to going on holiday on your own, but if you really want to see and do what YOU want to do then the best way to do it is by going on your own. It may feel lonely at first but its a great way to meet new people and step out of your comfort zone as when you’re with your friends you just wont do that.

And remember if you get delayed while traveling make sure you contact Flight Delay Specialists and we will help claim your flight delay compensation back for you.

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