We can all agree there is no better feeling than stepping off a plane and already feeling refreshed and ready to have a great holiday. Regardless whether you plan on flying either a long haul or a short haul flight there are a few things that you can do to improve your overall experience.

1. Freshen Up Bag

This is something that everyone overlooks but when you’re flying for more than 5 hours in a cramped space there are a few items that you should carry with you such as lip balm, moisturiser, aftershave, deodorant, razor, eye drops, mask and ear plugs. All of these items can be bought in duty free and will come in a miniature form which means they wont take up much space in your  hand luggage. These items can really amke the difference when you step off your flight feeling, looking and smelling fresh after a long time spent cramped up.

2. Pillow

Probably more important for those of you who are flying long distances having a comfy pillow can really make the difference when it comes to getting a 30 minute nap here and there to sleeping the majority of the way through the flight. While air lines may give you a pillow they typically aren’t the comfiest. We advise to take an inflatable one as this will allow you to flatten it down meaning it takes up less space in your hand luggage.

3. Comfy Socks

Another item that is normally overlooked is a fresh pair of comfy socks, after your feet have been cramped up for a few hours its such a relief to change into something clean. For those of you flying longer distances try and find a pair of socks that are made out of Cashmere as these will definitely make the flight more tolerable.

4. A Light Laptop

Fantastic for putting off the boredom, there is only one laptop that comes to mind when it comes to it being light, durable and packed full of battery power and that is the Macbook Ar from Apple, you’ll be able to get a full 13 hours of entertainment which will manage to last you most of the flight. While you wont have access to the internet on most flights you will be able to watch movies, play games and even do work if you need to.

5. Chocolate/Comfort Food

Regardless whether you’re flying a long or short distance comfort food is always nice, chocolate is well known to release endorphin’s that make you happy so taking a bar or two on a long haul flight is surely going to improve your mood even if its just a little bit. Even on a short haul flight it can make the difference as you’re least likely to get served any food which means you’ll have something to eat while you’re in the air.

6. Take a Pashmina

This is probably more geared towards women travelers but Pashminas are a great item to take on board with you as they can provide multiple different uses such as a blanket or it can be used as a scarf when you leave the flight. For men its a bit harder but they do have pashminas that are done in more masculine colours,

7. Take an iPod or MP3 Player

Music can be a great way to pass time when flying and it always helps to take more than one electric entertainment device as a back up when flying long haul. iPods are incredibly versatile and nowadays you can upload anything from music to audio books and even movies if you’ve got one of the most up to date models. Combine this with a great pair of headphones and you will soon forget that you’re even on a plane.

8. Take a light camera

There are some incredibly light cameras out there nowadays which still provide customers with some fantastic shots, while flying its always a great time to get some shots of the scenery whether you’re flying over mountains, lakes or the oceans. It will also give you something to do on the way back as you will be able to browse through all of your holiday snaps.

9. Take a book or a kindle

Nowadays you’ve got the choice of whether you prefer the rustic feel of using a hard cover book or you can get all of them downloaded to your kindle/tablet device. Kindles are typically cheaper than most tablets so if you want to keep things on the low end side of the budget we advise investing in one as they can provide hours of entertainment as you are able to download thousands of different books directly from the amazon store.

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