Package holidays is one of the most popular types of holidays that gets sold today, the reason why this is so popular is due to the pure convenience of having everything done for you without having to do anything yourself however if you’re looking for value for money you may want to consider going on a DIY holiday.instead.

Before booking any package holiday ask yourself these simple questions and see whether booking it all individually is better for you:

1. Where do you plan on traveling to?

If you’re planning on booking a city break then we advise to stay away from booking it as a package holiday, travel firms aren’t able to compete with the amount of choice that’s on offer when you choose to travel independently as you are able to fly for cheaper as you will be using a budget airline instead of a more premium one which means you’ll have more money to spend on your accommodation whether you want to to stay in a house, hotel, hostel etc. if you wanted to truly do a city break on the cheap you can pick up return flights for as little as £15 to Norway and then book a budget hostel for less than £20 a night.

2. Are you settled on the destination

The more flexible you are with where you plan on going then the cheaper the holiday will be, if you’ve got a set destination in mind and want a stress free booking process then its probably best to go down the package holiday route, everything is done for you before hand meaning all you need to do is turn up on the day. If however you’re flexible with where you end up and just want to go away then you should definitely go down the independent route, a lot of flights comparison sites allow you to search all the countries at once to find the cheapest tickets. Simply pick one form the list that looks good and book your flights.

3. Do you really need the extras?

When booking package holidays, reps will always try to up sell you with more things such as in-flight meals, park tickets etc. This is the time where you need to think do you really need to take all the additional extras, if the flight is only 3 hours long you probably don’t need to pay for the meal, and if you’re only going traveling for a few days maybe just take hand luggage all of this can help reduce the cost when booking as a package holiday. This is one of the benefits when booking independently, there is no one to up sell stuff you don’t need meaning you’ll probably get much better value for money.

4. Who are you planning on traveling with?

If you are travelling alone, you may well be better off with a DIY break, because package holidays tend to focus almost exclusively on people traveling together, and the per person price is always based on two people sharing. If you cannot share, then you will be charged a single supplement and given far less choice about where you can stay, so you may find yourself better off booking things separately if you plan to be traveling alone.

5. Are you a fan of organizing holidays?

Believe it or not there are some people out there who actually enjoy searching high and low for a bargain if this sounds like you then you will definitely want to book a DIY holiday as it really pays to shop around and see what you can find using the likes of sky scanner, trivago and air bnb to try and find yourself the cheapest possible combination of flights and accommodation. If this doesn’t sound like you and you’d much rather it all be sorted for a bit of extra on top then a package holiday is definitely the best option.

6. Trying to get a last minute deal?

Everyone tries to look for a last minute deal but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way and waiting until the last minute can actually see prices rise considerably meaning that cheap deal you thought you were going to get actually ends up pretty expensive. Some times its actually better when booking a package holiday to get it in advance, not only will you be securing your ticket but you will also protect yourself from unwanted price rises. When booking independently this is something you want to avoid as the air fares are not locked in at the very beginning like package holidays and will continue to rise up until the point of departure.

No matter which way you go you are protected by the EU flight delay compensation laws so if you end up getting delayed for 3 hours or more get in touch with us today and we will help you claim back money owed.

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