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Delayed Over 3 Hours Or Flight Cancelled In The Past 6 Years?
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We Do All The Work

Our flight delay specialists deal with the airlines directly so you don’t have too.

You Get Paid

Once the airline has paid we will send you the money as stated under the terms and conditions agreement.

Flight Delay Compensation Amounts

EU Law 26/2004 stipulates the compensation amounts in Euros so depending on the exchange rate the actual amount of compensation paid in Pounds Sterling may vary.

Flight Arrival Delay

Flight Distance

Compensation Amount

3-4 Hours

More than 1,500km and within the EU


3-4 Hours

More than 3,500km, between EU and non EU airport


4 hours or more

More than 3,500km, between and EU and non EU airport


4 hours or more

Less than 1,500km


3 hours or more

Between 1,500km and 3,500km


Flight Delay Compensation Specialists

We specialise in flight delay compensation claims.

Under European Law, you may be entitled to claim compensation for cancelled flights or for delayed flights of 3 hours or more.

Once you instruct us, we will contact you to obtain the necessary information and authority to investigate your flight delay compensation claim. This will enable us to start the process and begin action on your behalf instantly. We will then confirm that your claim is a valid one and obtain any further evidence from you to support your claim. We will then package and present your case directly to the airline and fight for the maximum compensation award for you.

We will deal with all communications with your airline and any other professional bodies and will keep you updated throughout the process until your compensation award is with you.


93% Success Rate

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£1600 Average Claim

Your Flight Compensation Options Compared

Do it yourself

Confusing and complex

  • Very time consuming
  • Less likely to win
  • Limited knowledge and experience
  • Quite stressful
Flight Delay Specialists

Quick and Easy

  • No Win, No Fee
  • Quick process
  • Outstanding success rate
  • Experts in flight compensation
  • Completely hassle free
Hire a solicitor

Costly and uncertain

  • Financial risks
  • Progress relatively slow
  • Unknown success rates
  • Demanding on client

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Flight Delay Specialists?

We do the hard work for you, we deal with all communication to and from the airline on your behalf. At Flight Delay Specialists we have an experienced processing team who are dedicated and committed to making sure your claim is handled professionally and efficiently, keeping you updated regularly throughout the process. The team here have extensive legal knowledge and experience in claiming from airlines, we are able to fight hard for what you are legally entitled to. Evidence shows that more often than not the airlines will either ignore letters direct from passengers or try to say that their claim is not a valid one.

What happens if I do not know the exact information about my flight?

Don’t worry, we will work with you to make sure you have enough information and evidence needed to claim with minimal effort on your behalf, all you need to do is sign our Terms Of Engagement and we can start to investigate if you have a potential claim.

How much will I have to pay?

We work on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, this basically means that we only get paid if you do. If (and only if) your claim is successful you will need to pay Flight Delay Specialists a fee as set out in our terms and conditions. We do not charge upfront fees.

How long will it take?

This depends entirely on the airline and how quickly you provide all the information we ask for. Flight Delay Specialists will fight your claim on your behalf to make sure of its validity and gain acceptance on your compensation in the quickest time possible.

Do I pay if unsuccessful?

No, you do not pay Flight Delay Specialists a single penny if your claim is unsuccessful.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes, If you travelled with friends or family on the same or a different delayed/cancelled flight we can help fight all claims. We’ll even give you a £25 gift voucher for each household with a successful claim.


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