Long haul flights are a pain, lets face it no one likes being cramped up in a seat for 9 hours +, it can get pretty annoying very quickly. That is why we thought it would be best to compile a set of tips for travelers embarking on these long distance journeys. Below are 10 of our top tips to make the most out of your long haul flight:

1. Upgrade whenever possible

When you embark on a long haul flight you should always check your frequent flier miles,you should always cash in your additional miles for an upgrade the difference in leg space from economy to first class thats why we always advise to try your luck and see if you can upgrade for a little extra money. Some flights will often sell the seats cheaper if you ask on the day if they have got any going spare. The only downside to going first class is once you’ve experienced it then you may never want to fly economy ever again.

2. Bring entertainment with you

Its 2016, there isn’t many of us out there who can go more than a few hours without using some form of electrical device. With most flights banning the use of mobiles which aren’t on flight mode it can be quite limiting. One of the items that we always like to pack in our hand luggage is either a tablet or small laptop with movies/series uploaded to them, not every long haul flight you go on will have a dedicated TV or a good selection of programs for you to watch. So why risk it, take your own entertainment with you and enjoy your flight much more than you would’ve without it..

3. Don’t take too much stuff with you

When packing your hand luggage its tempting to pack as much as possible in order to be able to take more stuff with you, however its not always a great idea the less you pack the more space you can have especially when you put in a tiny space for the next 10 hours or more. We tend to only pack one entertainment item such as a iPad or Laptop and a few necessities such as a small pillow/blanket and a few snacks that were bought in the airport.

4. Pack the essentials

We kind of covered this above but when flying on a long haul flight make sure you’ve only got the items you’ll need for the flight in your hand luggage such as pillows, eye masks, ear plugs, entertainment items, headphones etc. Any comfort that you can provide your body and mind throughout the flight is a positive and the inconvenience caused by having to carry around extra stuff will be negated by the additional comfort you will experience.

5. Don’t fly tired

Too many of us think that if we board a long haul flight tired we will be able sleep right through but that is seldom the case, and if you dont manage it then it only gets worse with the jet lag. Its generally a good idea to board a plane in a well rested state, while you may be awake for the majority of the flight you’ll feel much better when you leave as opposed to if you boarded the flight tired. But if you do feel sleepy while flying it is best to get a few hours of sleep.

6. Keep your stuff secure

While its rare it does happen, long haul flights are a premium place for the more unscrupulous passengers to take advantage of you when you fall asleep. Its always best to make sure your all of your valuables are secured in your bags. Make it as deep as possible to prevent anyone from finding them easily. All money, passports and debit cars should be kept inside your pockets or as close to your person as possible.

7. Sleeping, consider using a sleeping aid

If you’re planning to sleep on the plane then there are certain aids that you can take which will help aid the whole process. There are both pharmaceutical and natural methods but its best to try them out before you take them while flying as they could affect each person differently. One of the better aids to try out is either the natural Nytol or a form of Benadryl. Remember though try them out and make sure your body responds well to it first. You don’t want to be falling asleep while you’re waiting for your flight and miss it completely.

8. Ask about any free seats

Sometimes on long haul flights especially all of the seats haven’t been booked, so when you’re in the queue for the gate ask the person working their if there are any empty seats available ideally you’d be looking for one next to the entrance to plane as you’ll typically get more legroom and you’ll also be one of the first to leave the plane. If you’re traveling with another person try and ask if there is a window and an aisle seat available and if you’re lucky you could get a seat and a half worth of space.

9. Keep hydrated

When flying long distances its important to keep hydrated throughout the flight, failing to do so could lead to cramping of the muscles which is a pretty horrid experience especially when you’re in a small space. ideally you’d be looking to drink at least 1.5 liters of water throughout the whole flight this will ensure that you’re body is hydrated and will reduce the chance of any cramps building up in your muscles.

Long haul flights will never be a source of enjoyment but if you follow the above tips then it should become more tolerable. Statistically you’re more likely to be delayed on a long haul flight so if this ever happnes make sure you visit us and we will help you claim compensation for delayed flights.

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